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The Future Is Looking UP!



Why do structures have to standout? Why can’t they blend in? That was the original inspiration from Elevate. By tapping into the tree shape - small footprint with large volume above - and tree aesthetics - which allow it to fit almost anywhere - we are opening up new opportunities previously not envisioned.

Our first product, portable tree-house living units, help increase the supply of short term rental units, fit into backyards extremely well and create a unique experience that will Elevate your soul.


Nature Inspired Design

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Sleeping Zone - 150 sqft

Covered Below The Tree - 150 SQFT

Trunk Space - 20 SQFT

Height - 16 FT

Setup Time - < 1 DAY


Bring Out Your Inner Child


Is Elevate For You?

We are looking for those who are up for the challenge - those who want to make the world a better place by more thoughtful living - lightly touching the earth and in harmony with nature.


Elevate Your Life