about us

We are a team of Engineers, Architects and Liberal Artists who are all connected by a passion for nature inspired design and a desire to help make a positive impact in the world.  The name Elevate was chosen not just because it is a raised up structure but also we believe it has the potential Elevate lives, businesses & environmental awareness.  

The original concept was inspired after seeing a tree in a way never seen before and it has evolved from there.  Over the past three years we have explored the boundaries of the concept which includes everything from housing to elevated parklets to humanitarian uses and beyond.  We have decided to start in the short-term event space since it can help small businesses reach more people, create better experiences and raise environmental awareness.   

If you are interested in joining our team, please email your resume and overview to one of our co-founders – Nathan Toothman (nathan@elevatestructure) or Tiffany Toothman (tiffany@elevatestructure.com).  

Thank you for your interest in Elevate and please reach out with any questions or thoughts you might have.


Nathan & Tiffany Toothman (Co-Founders)