Why Elevate? By Alexandra Kramer



How often do we have the opportunity to elevate the world we live in? Who has the power, or more importantly, the responsibility to be stewards for our planet? Why do we work in opposition with our natural resources when they should be our biggest inspiration for how we live?

These have been the questions that have driven me since I was eleven years old when my middle school science teacher encouraged me to pursue my love of environmental science. I didn’t know where the journey would take me at that moment, but I knew where my passions lay. I believe in the symbiotic relationship between the health of Earth and the health of humans, one benefits the other in ways overlooked everyday. At the core it may be our most fundamental truth. Even in our post-industrial world our newest technology utilizes mother nature’s gifts: drywall for skyscrapers from gypsum mineral, New York’s most expensive high fashion from silkworms’ cocoons, and high speed motherboards from raw earth metals. We are in debt to a planet that never asks for anything in return.

Elevate is inspired by nature’s original design. Evolution has done much of the structural engineering for us, weeding out inefficiencies and creating lean designs at our disposal for observation. Elevate Structures were originally inspired by the deceptively simple look of a tree, but even that is a lot to unpack. Within that design is water transport, energy production, nutrient distribution, and overall balance of the ecosystem inside and outside of each individual tree. Even the intricacies of a tree has yet to be fully embraced, explored, and employed in the original tree design created by the Elevate Team. There are infinite opportunities to be inspired by systems we see everyday, and this possibility plus the brilliant, creative, and passionate minds behind the Elevate team is what drew to me to get involved with this incredible start-up.

Along with being one of the first employees, I am also Elevate Structure’s number 1 fan and follower. Beyond the employment is the platform for creativity and modernization of the way we see our natural world. I hope that Elevate will encourage people to work with the planet as our greatest ally instead of ours to concur. I want to grow with Elevate as a creator and environmentalist, as Elevate Structures grows with the planet at large.

Nathan ToothmanComment